Hip Hop All-Stars and Hall of Fame is an online museum gallery featuring portraits of some of Hip Hop’s new and legendary talents by the father and son team of sculptors Daniel Edwards and Rodman Edwards. Many of the portraits featured here are sculpted during the live performances and backstage portrait sessions of the subjects at nightclubs, theaters and concert halls.

The idea for amassing a collection of portraits of Hip Hop’s greatest was suggested to Daniel Edwards by Chuck D when the two met each other while Edwards was sculpting Ike Turner at the Chicago Blues Fest in 2001. Chuck had intended such a collection be created for a Hip Hop Hall of Fame in N.Y.C. that was in planning stages at that time, but nothing emerged from the potential collaboration – that Hip Hop Hall of Fame never materialized.

With the tragic death of XXXTentacion in June of 2018, Rodman Edwards reignited the concept of a Hall of Fame collection of Hip Hop busts with his stirring tribute portrait of the fallen young poet.

The Edwardses sculpt portraits at shows during weekends, while doing their preparation and research during the week. The works featured here are mostly works in progress, with updated versions being posted in real time.